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Florida Alliance AAA Program

Florida Alliance 18U tier 1 2021/22 information

If interested in the 18 U Alliance team please send an email to:




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Players must be signed up for player development to tryout


Host Sites Confirmed for 2021 USA Hockey National Championships

USA Hockey has confirmed the 2021 USA Hockey National Championships host sites, including three new sites in Texas, Missouri and Colorado. Chipotle, for a fourth consecutive season, will serve as the title sponsor of High School, Girls and Youth Nationals. USA Hockey has conducted the country's ice hockey National Championship tournaments since 1938, with teams from all across the United States crowned champions across various classifications. As part of USA Hockey Nationals, more than 7,000 players compete for American hockey top honors in youth, girl's, high school and adult levels.


High School Omaha, Nebraska  April 15-19, 2021
Youth Tier I 14U, 15 Only Dallas, Texas April 28-May 3, 2021  
Youth Tier I 16U, 18U Maryland Heights, Missouri April 28-May 3, 2021
Youth Tier II 14U Dallas, Texas April 29-May 3, 2021
Youth Tier II 16U Grand Rapids, Michigan April 29-May 3, 2021
Youth Tier II 18U Green Bay, Wisconsin April 29-May 3, 2021
Girls Tier I 14U, 16U, 19U West Chester, Pennsylvania April 29-May 3, 2021
Girls Tier II 14U, 16U, 19U Denver, Colorado   April 29-May 3, 2021
Adult Men's Wesley Chapel, Florida April 15-18, 2021
Adult Women's Wesley Chapel, Florida April 22-25,2021
florida Alliance 16 U Tier one win  NAPHL Championship

Alliance 16U Tier one win NAPHL Championship

The Registration "Florida Alliance AAA Program" is not currently available.

Congratulations to the Florida Alliance 2005 Team 

Connor Brown

Lucca Casacci

Michael Chambre

Ty Creech

Connor Eilers

Jack Gardner

Nathan Hargest

Samuel Hillebrandt

Jake Johner

Kegan Lampinen

Troy Maldonado

Denis Maliew

Skogen Schrott

Avry Shaw

Cody Sousa

Jai Van Rij

Trey Wandall

Denver Waddell

Congratulations to the 14U  tier 11 Girls Alliance team

Natalie Andelova
Emma Bardwell
Kalyssa Bayne
Emerson Chambre
Isabella Demeyer
Kayley Dunn
Brooke Feocco
Skyler Grogan
Kayla Harris
Siena Hayman
Cera Luciani
Mia Mandia
Cheyenne Porter
Grace Riley
Jenna Ruedy
Caia Shannon
Kathleen Torr
Carys Wine
Gianna Zuppa

Congratulations to the 2020/21 Florida Alliance 2006 team

Brady Hawkins,

Campbell Elwell

Dryden Dervish

Jack Freiser

Christian Renaud

Lucas Vega

Tyler Fortson

JT Fuller

Vasili Santas

Gabriel Elie

Jake Larios

Sam Jacobs

Lexander Santiago

Carson Yates

Caden Creech

BJ Riccardi

Jack Hirshorn

Austin Michaud

Daniel Berehowsky


Historic weekend for the Florida Alliance teams at Southeast Districts


  • Any uniform questions can be answered by Tom Fuller at emails are preferred or 954-978-9207.
  • All jersey’s are Athletic Knit “AK” a very standard fitting jersey. The warm-ups are CCM brand

The Registration "Florida Alliance AAA Program" is not currently available.

The Registration "Florida Alliance AAA Program" is not currently available.

Florida Alliance uniform order link

Innovative order form link


The Statewide Amateur Hockey of Florida League is happy to announce the addition of a second, full-year 2006 Florida Alliance team for the 2021-2022 season.  

The 2006 Florida Alliance South will be a full-year team coached by former NHL player, Shawn Heins.  

Shawn Heins is the current coach of the Palm Beach Hawks 14UAA Team that will be competing in the USA Hockey National Championships at the end of April.  Never drafted at any level, Shawn had intense focus to prove everyone who doubted him wrong.  His passion, work ethic and mental strength allowed him to play 18 years of professional hockey.  Shawn played in the OHL, ECHL, IHL, AHL, NHL, for Team Canada, as well as European Leagues in Germany (DEL) and Switzerland (MLA).  Shawn Heins will be an added and welcomed addition to the Florida Alliance program.

It is SAHOF’s belief that with the experience of Shawn, and this team expansion for Florida youth hockey, we will be able to continue to provide excellent opportunities for increased high-level playing for players within our great State.  

The 2006 Florida Alliance South will be holding tryouts in conjunction with Florida Alliance North during the USA Hockey Development Camp, May 7 – 9,  2021 at RDV in Orlando, Florida.  

All those wishing to be considered for either 2006 Florida Alliance team, need to be registered for the USA Hockey Development Camp AND the 2006 Florida Alliance tryouts.  (Tryout link
Registration information below

2005 and 2006

The 2005 and 2006 camp will begin on Friday May 7th through Sunday May 9th.


2005 and 2006 is $185.00 see link below: player development link


The camp registration deadline is midnight April 25th, 2021.


Way to go Sofia


Way to go Jordan

The Registration "Florida Alliance AAA Program" is not currently available.

Congratulations to the 2020/21 ,  2011 North  Alliance team


gabriel lecavalier
easton anders
braydon fruetel
diesel berehowski
callahan bouffard
theo wilkerson
daniel chernyaey
judah colkmire
dylan herman
fabian sibalin williams
matas asanavicious
briggs olin
storm ray
nicholas ryan

Congratulations to the 2020/21 - 2010 South Florida Alliance Team 
Sam Tanguay - F

Alex Schargen – F

Dylan Delgado - F

Greyson Mackenzie - F

Zack Moschette - F

Philip Seibold - F

Payton Helt – F

Nicholas Geraci – F

A.J Follmer - D

Durham Shivel - D

Micah Socha - D

Anthony Perdicaro - D

Maxwell Sanchez – G

Rodion Tolstenko – G

Alternates: Jackson Melton,Crosby Ellis, Dylan Caldwell ,Sydney Munsie,Semion Rykov and Caleb Lozada

Congratulations to the 2020/21 Florida Alliance 2010 North Team


Mason Adams

Ivan Belikov

Rocco Cioffi

Jonny Cooper

Chase Craig

Oliver Danford

Leo Gill

Hawk Henderson

Victor Jelins

Eric Jelins

Evan Jimenez

Frank Machi

Kehber Nijher

Cameron Rau

Maddox Rogers

Alec Walker

Sammy Zamora

Logan Babinec

Cam Kirouac

Will Thomas


Congratulations to 2020/21 -2009 Alliance Tournament Team

Aiden Bujnicki

Cole Brindley

Evan Amrose

Evan Golding

Evan Rottenberger

Grady Shaw

Harrison Hecker

Hayes Corcell

Hunter Foster

Jacob Brisbois

Kyle Hofelich
Leo Carvalho

Logan Anderson

Maxwell Niebauer

Michael Romano III

Phillip Martin

Reese Tracy

Sydney Allen


Congratulations to the 14U SFHL girls Alliance Team

Natalie Andelova

Grace Appleton

Emma Bardwell

Emerson Chambre

Isabella Demeyer

Sam Faatz

Brooke Feocco

Daniella Fisher

Skyler Grogan

Kayla Harris

Anna Lloren

Mia Mandia

Jenna Ruedy

Olivia Sharkoski

Kathleen Torr

Congratulations to the Florida Alliance  Inaugural Girls 16U Tier 1 Team

Danielle DiPasquale

McKenna Brown

Tristina Doyle

Bella Tomasso

Bryn Prier

Delaney Zerfass

Jordan Ray

Alexis Fitzsimmons

Mariana Ceballos

Angelina Garganese

Zoe Puc

Leah Klingel

Kelly Henderson

Hailey Anderson

Congratulations to the Florida Alliance Girls 16U Tier 2 team

Ami Douglas

Riley Niquette

Madison Icely

Mallory McCoy

Tori Allen

Marnie McClain

Sarah Walters

Marissa Zuppa

Emily Scott

Sally Jones

Jaelyn Arruiza

Milena Monell

Noelle Simbro

Jelay Suarez

Olivia Sharkoski 

 Congratulations to the Florida Alliance Girls 19U team 

Dariona Glass

Madison Saunier

Morgan Eilers

Ciera Porter

Molly Peterson

Gianna Fortunato

Gracie Anderson

Sofia Alvarez

Madelyn Pope

Emily Dray

Madison Ridky

Mary Cossentino

Mallory Burdick

Casey Kennedy

Ava Ridolfi

Kayli Mader

Savannah Scianna

Larissa Sharpe

Steve Lynch

Executive Director, Florida Alliance

Phone: (954) 445-7926

Florida Alliance AAA

Cindy Friedman

Executive Administrator, Florida Alliance

Phone: (954) 554-4757