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Player Development - Girls Program


Below is a list of girls selected for player development camps from the tryout on April 26-28, 2019.  At this time, any player who has been selected to attend (or who is still in consideration for an at-large) at the National Girls Player Development Camps has been notified of her status. Only players who have been cleared to attend one of the three National Girls Player Development camps as of May 13th are listed here. If there is a change in status for any player who is currently "in consideration" as of May 13th, that change will be communicated directly to the player on June 17th, the next National Notification Timeline. If a player who is currently “in consideration” is cleared to attend a National Girls Player Development Camp on the next National Notification Timeline date, her name will be added to this list at that point. 

National Select 18 Camp Player Selections (2002-2004 Birth Years)

Birth Year First Name Last Name Position Affilate
2002 Lacey Eden Forward PVAHA
2004 Katherine Khramtsov Forward PVAHA

National 16/17 Camp Player Selections (2002 & 2003 Birth years)

Birth Year First Name Last Name Position Affilate
2002 Samantha Lassman Defense SAHOF
2002 Meagan Byrum Forward PVAHA
2002 Sydney Wegner Forward SAHOF
2003 Makayla Javier Defense PVAHA
2003 Victoria Munger Defense PVAHA
2003 Rosemary Doerner Forward PVAHA
2003 Reagan Miller Forward CAHA
2003 Hannah Rodgers Forward CAHA
2003 Grace Campbell Goalie PVAHA

National 15 Camp Player Selections (2004 birth years)

First Name Last Name Position Affilate
Su-An Cho Defense SAHA
Kayla Moriarty Defense SAHOF
Molly Sant Defense PVAHA
Toni Smith Defense PVAHA
Camille Campe Forward PVAHA
Maedyln Cipolla Forward PVAHA
Ava Imposimato Forward CAHA
Mia Mugavero Forward SAHA
Jordan Ray Forward SAHOF
Lexi Sung Forward PVAHA

Eastern Region 14 Select Player Selections (2005 birth years)

First Name Last Name Position Affiliate
Elizabeth Brisland Defense PVAHA
Brooke Heck Defense SAHOF
Cady Melvin Defense PVAHA
Mollie Murphy Forward PVAHA
Zoe Puc Forward SAHOF
Kiersten 'Pinky' Rasmussen Forward PVAHA
Charlotte Rayder Forward PVAHA
Katherine Willey Forward PVAHA
Alejandra Erdman Goalie PVAHA

Multi-District Camp Player Selections (2002-05 birth years)

First Last Year Position Affiliate
Lia Poggio 2002 Defense SAHA
Madelin Digges 2003 Forward SAHA
Rosemary Doerner 2003 Forward PVAHA
Reagan Miller 2003 Forward CAHA
Madelyne Pope 2003 Forward SAHOF
Ciera Porter 2003 Defense SAHOF
Mariya Rauf 2003 Forward PVAHA
Sydney Russell 2003 Defense SAHA
Ruby Wilson-Olivo 2003 Defense PVAHA
Camille Campe 2004 Forward PVAHA
Margaret Fink 2004 Forward PVAHA
Nora Hinsch 2004 Defense PVAHA
Ava Imposimato 2004 Forward CAHA
Mia Mugavero 2004 Forward SAHA
Jordan Ray 2004 Forward SAHOF
Tricia Smith 2004 Defense SAHOF
Sydney Soler 2004 Defense PVAHA
Grace Wildberger 2004 Forward PVAHA
Katie Aleshire 2005 Defense PVAHA
Elizabeth Brisland 2005 Defense PVAHA
Angelina Garganese 2005 Forward SAHOF
Brooke Heck 2005 Defense SAHOF
Marnie McClain 2005 Forward SAHOF
Cady Melvin 2005 Defense PVAHA
Lucy Meyer-Braun 2005 Defense CAHA
Mollie Murphy 2005 Forward PVAHA
Zoe Puc 2005 Forward SAHOF
Kiersten 'Pinky' Rasmussen 2005 Forward PVAHA
Tara Valas 2005 Forward CAHA
Katherine Willey 2005 Forward PVAHA

Multi-District Goalie Camp Selections

First Last Year Affiliate
Grayson Fidishun 2002 CAHA
Courtney Raynor 2002 CAHA
Grace Campbell 2003 PVAHA
Katherine Donovan 2003 PVAHA
Lauren Galbraith 2004 CAHA
Isabella Gould 2004 PVAHA
Mikayla Bowman 2005 SAHOF
Alejandra Erdman 2005 PVAHA

11-13 Multi-District Camp Selections From SAHOF (2006 & Younger)

First Name Last Name
Emerson Chambre
Cera Luciani
Gaby Matson
Cheyenne Porter
Grace Riley
Jenna Reudy
Gianna Zuppa

Information About 2019 USA Hockey Player Development Camps

Below are links to the documents posted on USA Hockey's website. One covers the National Player Development Program and the other provides District-specific information on tryouts and the camp options for players in each district.

Information About 2019 Multi-District Player Development Camps

Below are documents with information about the 2019 Multi-District Player Development Camp in Kent, OH. There are camp sessions for younger players (age 11-13) where players are to submit recommendations from their coaches for consideration.  For players age 14-17, they must tryout at the Southeastern District Player Development tryouts as noted above. Girls birth year 2001 can be eligible to attend the 14-17 camps if they are not playing college hockey in the fall of 2019.

  • The 11-13 age Camp will be held June 28-July 3, 2019 - cost $660
  • The 14-17 age Goalie Camp will be held July 7-12, 2019 - cost $660
  • The 14-17 age Camp will be held Aug 4-9, 2019 (goalies for this camp will be selected from the 14-17 Age Goalie Camp) - cost $660, $250 for returning goalies

Girls Selected to 2018 USA Hockey Player Development Camps from the Southeastern District

The following players from the SE District were selected to attend USA Hockey player development camps during the summer of 2019.

USA Hockey 15 Camp (birth years 2003)

Emma Fairclough, Abigail Flanagan, Nicole Godoy, Makayla Javier, Mary Lenaeus, Victoria Munger, Elizabeth Perry, Mariya Rauf, Hannah Rodgers, Ruby Wilson-Olivio

USA Hockey 16/17 Camp (birth years 2001-2002)

Julie Blitz, Meagan Byrum, Ellie DeCarlo, Gwen Eichfield, Annika Paletzki, Molly Pedone, Sydney Wegner

USA Hockey U18 Select Camp (birth years 2001-2003)

Lacy Eden (Lacy was also selected for the National Festival and ultimately the U18 National Team! Congratulations Lacy!)

Partial List of 2018 Girls Player Development Selections - Multi-District and 14 Camp only

Below is a partial list of SAHOF girls selected for player development camps from the tryout on April 20-22, 2018.  The selections for the National Camps (18 Select, 16/17, and 15) will be announced in accordance with the National notification timeline.  Players selected to National Camps will be notified directly from the USA Hockey National Office.  May 16 is the date noted for all National Camp selections for the SE District allocations. 

The list below is for the Multi-District Player Camp (2001-2004 birth years) at Kent State University and the 14 Eastern Region Select Camp (2004 birth years) in Ashburnham, MA.  There were no SAHOF players selected for the Multi-District Goaltender Camp at Kent State.

Multi-District Camp Player Selections (SAHOF Players only)

First Name Last Name Birth Year Position
Tristina Doyle 2004 Defense
Morgan Eilers 2003 Defense
Alexis Fitzsimmons 2004 Forward
Gianna Fortunato 2003 Defense
Alicia McDonald 2004 Forward
Kayla Moriarty 2004 Defense
Bryn Prier 2004 Forward
Jordan Ray 2004 Forward
Jane Rowell 2002 Forward

Eastern Region 14 Select Player Selections (SAHOF Players only)

First Name Last Name Birth Year Position
Kayla Moriarty 2004 Defense
Jordan Ray 2004 Forward


The 2018 Southeastern District Girls Player Development Tryout was held April 20-22, 2018 at the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den in Orlando, FL. This tryout was open to all Southeastern District female players born in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Approximately 120 girls participated.  Players will be selected at this tryout to attend USA Hockey National Select Camps and Multi District Player Development and Goaltender Camps.

Selections will be posted for the Multi-District Camp (2001-04 players) and the 14 Select East Regional Camp (2003 players) on the Southeastern District Website by April 30, 2018.

Selections for the National Camps - 15 Camp (2003 players), 16/17 Camp (2001 & 2002 players) and U18 Select Camp (2001, 2002, 2003 players), 16/17 Camp (2001 & 2002 players) will be made by May 16, 2018 in accordance with the National Timeline by the USA Hockey National Office.

Questions? Please Contact:

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Girls'/Women's Representative

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