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Hurricane Irma

***Update 9/12/17***

Hurricane Irma is finally behind us, but the clean up is a long way from over. A large part of Florida is without power, and unfortunately, some of our ice facilities are not immune to that outcome.

Having said that, we (SFHL and SAHOF) are in communication with the facilities and each other about what will come of the games scheduled for this upcoming weekend, September 16 and 17 (including games rescheduled for Sept 16 & 17 from Sept 9 & 10).

A communication will be sent out to all team managers on the status of this weekend's games by Thursday, September 14 at the latest.

Thank you all for your patience.

Statewide Florida Hockey League

Now Open: 2017-2018 Screening Link for Referee, Volunteers, Coaches


Whats needed for Team Books and Credentials

Presentation Requirements:

Certifying teams, coaches and players is a time-consuming and complex task. In order to make this process as efficient as possible, each team’s credentials must be presented in a manner that is highly organized and systematic. Please assemble all documents in a three ring binder and present in the following order:

A. Team Information (In order of presentation)

     1. Credentials Verification Sheet (1-C)

     2. Official Team Roster (1-T) approved by the team's USA Hockey          Associate Registrar.

     3. Sanctioned game score sheets, arranged chronologically from  the      first game on, to be used to verify team and player eligibility under the 20/10, 14/10 or 10/5 game rule.

     4. High School Varsity Division and/or Prep School Divisions only - Team Eligibility Declaration signed by the Head Coach.

If a 20/10, 14/10 or 10/5 waiver was issued to a team or a player, a copy of the approved waiver from David Polk, Southeastern District Registrar, must be provided.

If 20/10, 14/10 or 10/5 Game Rule - Each team must have competed as a team unit in at least 20 games for Youth teams, at least 14 games for Girls/Women's and at least 10 games for High School teams after the approval date of the team roster and each player must have played in at least 10 games for Youth and Girls'/Women's teams and at least 5 games for High School teams. Teams formed and approved prior to the September 1 season start date may have games played in August counted toward fulfilling the 20/10, 14/10 and 10/5 requirement with the approval of the District Registrar.

B. Coach Information (In order of presentation for each rostered individual) 1. Coaching education credential for each coach at the level mandated by USA Hockey as shown on the Official Roster (1-T), Credentials Verification Sheet (1-C), Coaching Education Report generated through Cyber Sport registration software or a copy of the CEP Card, whichever demonstrates the most current information

C. Player Information (In order of presentation for each rostered individual)
     1. A verification and affirmation that a review of each player's birth certificate has been completed by a District/Associate Registrar. When no verification and affirmation is provided, a copy of a government issued birth certificate, Verification of Birth or a copy of a passport identification page for each rostered player, is required.
     2. High School Varsity Division and/or Prep School Divisions only - evidence of current school enrollment eligibility to participate on the team is required.
     3. Non-U.S. citizens must meet proof of legal residency requirements and transfer from their home country ice hockey federation (if required) as stated in Rules & Regulations III. C
     4. SAHOF Concussion Form Registration confirmation pages are not required and should not be included with the team's credentials.

Registration confirmation pages are not required and should not be included with the team credentials.



At the 2017 USA Hockey Annual Congress, USA Hockey passed a rule that will have direct impact on team registrations for the 2017/18 season.

Age-Specific Modules: ALL Coaches will not be able to be added to a Youth/Girls/HS Roster until the required Age-Specific Coaching Module has been completed. Coaches will not be allowed to participate with their teams until this requirement is met and processed through the USAH Registry. It can take a few days for USAH to process the information and the member will be able to be added to the team roster. We encourage you to plan accordingly.

NOTE: Coaches also need to complete the next level of certification prior to December 31st. For additional rules on coaching certification requirements, please go to -

SafeSport Training: Coaches and Managers will not be able to be added to a Youth/Girls/HS Roster until their SafeSport training has been completed. USA Hockey has an extensive SafeSport program that provides resources to ensure the safety of all involved in the game both on and off the ice.

Screening: Coaches and Managers will not be able to be added to a Youth/Girls/HS Roster until they have completed the required Screening process.

In addition a rule that impacts 14U AA teams (passed at the 2016 Annual Congress but effective this 2017-18 playing season):

The rule stipulates that if there is a player that is 12 years or younger registered on any 14 and under or U14 team (Tier I, Tier II, House League or Girls) that team will not be eligible to participate in the District or National Championship tournaments.

Based on this rule, we have extended the restriction to the SAHOF State Tournament.  So for all teams at U14 and above, no Rosters will be approved for any team playing in the SFHL AA Division with a 12 year old or younger player (2005 Birth Year or younger)

2017-2018 Important Rule Change for all divisions under 14 (U14, U12, U10, U8)

In an effort to increase skill development, the icing rule for all divisions under 14 (Bantam) was modified. The new rule simple enforces icing if the puck is iced during short-handed play. If the infraction occurs, the whistle will blow and the ensuing face-off will take place in the zone of the short-handed team. For additional information on this rule change please go to -

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New Video Quantifies Cross-Ice Advantages

The NHL analytics team uses tracking technology to compare cross-ice to full-ice for 8U players

A cutting-edge NHL analytics team put the test to youth hockey for the first time ever, comparing cross-ice hockey to full-ice hockey. Watch this video and see what you think.

2017-18 Association Registration Form

Per SAHOF rules all Associations must register annually with SAHOF. You must register your Association first before registering your teams.

"Volunteers" for the purpose of Background Screening means:

1. Members of the SAHOF Board of Directors
2. Member Association Administrators
3. Team Managers
4. Locker Room Monitors
5. Team Drivers
6. Travel Chaperones
7. Any other persons with routine access to youth participants.

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